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Johannes brecht - Electronics

Christian Lillinger - dRUMS

There is a great beauty in the tame mayhem of TIRAP. It is the first collaboration between Berlin-based drummer Christian Lillinger and multi-instrumentalist and producer Johannes Brecht. Lillinger, known as one of the major figures in European Contemporary Jazz and New Improvisation. Brecht is a classically trained musician and composer, who is attracting attention as a producer in the electronic music scene for several years already.

Collaborating, TIRAP let their different backgrounds collide: Beats interconnected with sounds create a dark intensity, interchangeably dense and light. Hyperrealistic sounds interrupt the slow stream of music. But like objects in water, they loose their sharpness. A figureless motion, the thick flow keeps running onward. When the production gains speed, and hardness, and a certain kind of rawness, a rigor, continuously present throughout the live-recording, momentarily comes to the surface: like rapids on a grid. And then the stream runs on, ceaselessly forming and dissolving its structures.

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