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by Ziga Koritnik

P u n k t . v r t . P l a s t i k

        Eldh                Draksler             Lillinger



Kaja Draksler - piano

Petter Eldh - bass

Christian Lillinger - drums

The trio started on the October Meeting 2016 at the Bimhuis, in Amsterdam. “Punkt”, a point of view and a musical statement in Swedish, “Vrt” (garden in Slovenian), where the musical ideas are planted and cultivated, and “Plastik” (German), as a sound vision, plasticity of musical shapes and structures.

The Amsterdam based pianist and composer Kaja Draksler collaborates with two highly respected Berlin residents: Eldh, the near-ubiquitous Swedish bassist, and the drummer Christian Lillinger, both bringing their great originality to bear on a three-way conversation of equal voices.

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