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Stemeseder  Lillinger



Elias Stemeseder - Composition, Spinett, Synthesizer, Electronics

Christian Lillinger - Composition, Drums, Sampler, Synthesizer


Penumbra, the debut album by STEMESEDER - LILLINGER, illustrates the musical utopia underlying the producer duo’s work.


PENUMBRA by Christian Lillinger/Elias Stemeseder strives to manifest diverse currents of contemporary practices and utopias in sound production, acoustically and electronically, both in the studio and in concert. They make use of compositional and production approaches from a wide range of geographical and temporal locations, and through a  synthesis of these forge a radically modern sonic idiom that is both free of templates and rich in references.


At the core of the project lies the reappropriation of a baroque sound body: the basso continuo as the ensemble’s harmonic-percussive driving force - here realised through electrically amplified harpsichord and percussion. Penumbra expands our understanding of this sonic entity by means of electronic processes, recontextualizes it and places it at the service of contemporary musicianship.

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Christian Lillingers GRUND
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