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2022_09_22_DLW22_0484 wrted.jpg
by Nino Halm

D  L  W 


Christopher Dell - vibraphone

Christian Lillinger - drums 

jonas Westergaard  - bass

The Trio DLW combines energetic playing with structural composition in real time. The interaction results in high energy that materializes in different layers of sounds, relationscapes. Form comes into being through musical production. Thereby, the trio transcends the usual dichotomy of rhythm section vs. solo player.

Their recording GRAMMAR (released on gligg-records) demonstrates the trios specific structural approach to form making in manifold perspectives. Other projects include their collaboration with electronic musician and producer Johannes Brecht as DBLW, which is

documented in their release “BOULEZ MATERIALISM” from 2018 (PLAIST 002).

As Trio Followed GRAMMAR II from 2019 (PLAIST 006) and BEATS from 2021 (PLAIST 009)


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