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Petter Eldh - Bass

Christian Lillinger - Drums

Peter Evans - Trumpet

Wanja Slavin - Saxophone



The structure and form you will find in the music of this group are always the product of circumstance more than will. There are plans and there are compositions but everything is executed with an energy concentrated to progress quickly through the given information in order to maintain a constant flow.

In that process something new always emerges, always different.


This is urgent music. Amok Amor surveys the threats and prospects of music in our world today.


The music is aggressive yet gentle. Bla bla bla bla bla. The world is changing, but this music will survive.


Amok Amor is essential listening for anyone who is concerned about the primary challenges still facing the human race and is wondering where to find a ray of hope.

  * 2014  -  † 2017  
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